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Notarization is the process of official fraud-deterrent that assures the documents are fully trusted. The documents such as Wills, Affidavits, Lease Agreements and Medical documents etc,. are can be notarized. A Notary Public appointed by state government, typically by the secretary of state. A document that has been notarized is one that's been marked with a stamp (or "seal"), which indicates that the signature on the document is legitimate.

There are three processes in Notarization that are Screening the document, certifying and Record Keeping. Screening in the sense, Notary examines the document which to be notarize, whether that particular document is fraud or not. Once that particular document is true and correct then he/she signs the document and marks with stamp is Certifying. After certification he/she give back the document and maintain the record.

To Notarize your documents:
  • Should have government issued photo ID Proof like Driver's License, Election Id, Passport.
  • Names, places, dates in the document should be appropriate as ID Proof have.
  • Should not sign the document at your residence, signature should be in front of embassy or consultant.

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